umfolozi big five game reserve cultural experience


umfolozi big five game reserve


As uMfolozi Big Five Game Reserve is a private concession within the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park, safaris are not confined to main roads. Our Guides have access to Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park and our Private Concession.

cultural experience


Once the Royal hunting ground of King Shaka of the Zulu, and the origin of every Southern White Rhino in the world; uMfolozi Big Five Game Reserve is privileged to offer you a personal gateway into nature as it was before us, as we would like to keep it



Our chefs produce a palate of perfection and cater for all dietary requirements. Every meal offers unique Mantis uMfolozi dishes and tastes, combined with a selection of wines and impeccable service.

umfolozi big five game reserve


All Africology products uplift the mind And body in A positive therApeutic wAy And Are used in the holistic Africology spA treAtments, which Are influenced by trAditionAl AfricAn wisdom And reiki techniques.

cultural experience

Mantis Hospitality

As for the Mantis guest experience, both Lodges staff will welcome you with warm smiles and look after your every need to you can discover the exceptional.



Unbeatable location with incredible views over the Wilderness area of Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park.

Within Umfolozi Priavte Game Reserve there are 6000 hectares of private concession with 11 km of the White Imfolozi river meandering past.

umfolozi big five game reserve

Curio Shops

Remember your stay with us, by taking home zulu crafted mementos and our branded safari wear

cultural experience

Walking Safaris

The bush takes on a completely different perspective when you are on foot. Sit and absorb the many sights and smells of the African bushveld. This is as close as it gets! Due to start September 2020.

Cultural Dance Experience

Culture is an ever-evolving celebration of life, and what you experience at uMfolozi Game Reserve is just that – a celebration of contemporary Zulu life as experienced in the villages around the reserve. Various traditional dances and singing that warriors and maidens use to express emotion and to communicate rites of passage, and daily rituals.

You will meet warriors clad in skins, shoulder coverings called ‘imbata’ and aural ornaments that create rhythmic sounds as the young men canter and kick. Their dances vary, including a dance called ‘ushameni’ which tells tales of boy herders performed with no drums and the men wear shin coverings made of the hair from cows’ tails called ‘ishoba’.

Young warriors also perform ‘indlamu’, which is performed to the beat of drums and the men wear sheepskin adornments. Zulu Maidens share demonstrations from their rite of passage rituals such as marriage, ‘umhlanga’ (the Reed Dance for unmarried woman) and ‘memulo’(hibernation at puberty). The dance is called ‘incekeza’ which the ladies perform adorned in lots of beads.