rhino conservation king shaka zulu


Visiting the KZN Big Five reserve at a time when the relentless poaching of rhinos attracts global attention, brings guests full circle to where the struggle to save the rhino started, although marked as near extinction. Through his multiple efforts, on the ground in this area, and through the strong international conservation and wilderness organisations he initiated, the genetic base of the white rhino grew and diversified, and its numbers grew back to the 20,000 mark. To many, Dr Player became the figurehead of eco-tourism and of rhinoconservation, even as he spread his ethos to protect many other endangered species across the globe.

Steeped in tradition and a history of rich culture, the big 5 reserve has much to offer guests on a trip of your lifetime. The reserve was originally the hunting ground of King Shaka Zulu, who was infamous for his military style tactics in thwarting enemy forces and keeping his own clans obedient. Yet his legacy saw sustainable hunting and a special relationship between humans and nature. This is seen through the efforts of the descendants of the two Chieftaincies after which the lodges are named: Biyela and Mthembu.